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DynaFit 4.06.007 perform nonlinear least-squares regression of chemical kinetic, enzyme kinetic, or ligand-receptor binding data
Migrate-N 3.6.4 estimates effective population sizes and past migration rates


exploratory population genetics software
FBAT 2.0.4 FBAT --Family Based Association Testing software
GGT 2.0 2010 for Graphical GenoTypes
CERVUS 3.0.7 program for assignment of parents to their offspring using genetic markers
SBW 2.11.0 The Systems Biology Workbench
Gepasi 3.30 software package for modeling biochemical systems
DbSolve Optimum r34 DBsolve - software for metabolic simulation after genome sequencing
boxit 2007 DEMO collect, store and organize information about all your antibodies
GRR application for detecting pedigree errors via graphically inspecting the distribution for marker allele sharing among pairs of family members or all pairs of individuals in a study.
AceDB 4.9.60 a genome database designed specifically for handling bioinformatic data
MAPL98 / DIAL98 / GEST98 Statistical Genetics software
PED 6.0.2 interactive pedigree drawing software
PEDRAW 2.5 Pedigree Drawing Software
MassXpert 3.4.0 a mass spectrometric program for predicting and analysing mass spectrometric data obtained on proteins and peptides.
WinMDI ver 2.9 WinMDI (Windows Multiple Document Interafce for Flow Cytometry)
TestDNA a utility that generates FCS histograms of cell cycle data with known component values.
Flow Cytometer Simulator This application provides a simulation of a working flow cytometer
FCS File Mixer & Sanitizer merge 2 or more FCS listmode files into a new file.
E-Cell 4.0.0 a1 a concept of constructing virtual cells on computers
WEASEL 3.2.1 flow cytometry data analysis and display program
FCSM Frozen Cell Stock Monitor software
MICE 1.4 Mouse Information and Classification Entity software,
REtools 5.0-101 a program to assist in restriction enzyme use
PEDIGREE VIEWER 6.5b Draws and manipulates pedigree diagrams.
ezFreezer 1.4.8 Demo samples and specimens management software.
FCSExpress 5.00.006 Demo Flow Cytometry Data Analysis software.
BioDownloader a program for downloading and/or updating files from ftp/http servers
Cytoscape 3.2.0 an open source bioinformatics software platform (Java)for visualizing molecular interaction networks.
Taverna 2.5 software tools to facilitate easy use of workflow and distributed compute technology.
APP 2.29 Advanced Pathway Painter.
EPE 3.0a13 Edinburgh Pathway Editor.
MetaPAT 07.02 A Tool for the Alignment of Metabolic Pathways
PlasmoCD v4.1 a plasmodium genome resource
BioInfoServOS Live 5.0.5 A powerful and ideal linux platform based on xUbuntu6.06 for bio-sicentists handling and analysing biological datum.
KNOB 4.1 (KNOPPIX for Bio)one CD-bootable Linux for bioinformatics based on KNOPPIX-JP
Quantian a Knoppix / Debian variant tailored to numerical and quantitative analysis.
BioPuppy beta 2.0 an minimal Linux OS and electronic workbench for bio-informatics and computational biology.
VLinux 2.0a2 a Linux distribution for Bioinformatics.
BioSLAX 7.5 a new live CD suite of bioinformatics tools.
DNALinux 0.5b A Linux solution for Bioinformatics.
AnnualChecklist 2010 CD-ROM of the Catalogue of Life Annual Checklist
Maize Atlas Africa/Asia/Latin America Maize Research Atlas
InforBIO V5.28 e-Workbench for databasing, classification and identification of microbes.
Labmatica 2.2.3 RC1 Free Laboratory Information Management System.
Flow Explorer 4.2 Flow cytometry programs

FlowJo 10.0.7

Flow Cytometric analysis programs
LDATAPP 2.0 Dumps FCS listmode or histogram data into ASCII text files.
cytowin 4.31 Flow cytometry software.
Haploview 4.2 Designed to simplify and expedite the process of haplotype analysis.
MarVis Suite 2.0 Clustering and Visualization of Metabolomic Markers
Arcadia 1.0rc2 A visualisation tool for metabolic pathways.
GRaPe 1.0 Gene Reaction Protein Builder
VersaCount 1.02 An application to assist with the counting of cells by microscopy.
Cell Counter 3.2 A program for counting cells (or other things).
ListMath 2.1 Flow Data List Files Analysis software.
GOLD 1.1 Software package that provides a graphical summary of linkage disequilibrium.
MetNetMaker 1.6.2 Software to create metabolic networks.
GNLab Computational Pipeline for Large-Scale Gene Network Analysis.
GenAlEx 6.501 Genetic Analysis in Excel.
BioNetBuilder 2 Cytoscape plugIn that create biological networks.
GSearcher 1.4 Cytoscape plugin that offers a high performance searching
GLay Cytoscape plugin that offers an assorted collection of community analysis algorithms.
BioTapestry 7.0.0 An interactive tool for building, visualizing, and simulating genetic regulatory networks.
BRM 2.3 Bioinformatics Resource Manager
Mendel v14.3 Comprehensive Package for Statistical Genetic Analysis.
SimWalk 2.91 A statistical genetics computer application
BayeScan 2.1 Detect Natural Selection from Population-base Genetic Data.
PBAT 3.61 Pedigree Based Association Testing.
CADLIVE 2.75 Computer-Aided Design of LIVing systEm.
QUMA 1.1.13 QUantification tool for Methylation Analysis
Bio-Linux 8.0 Bioinformatics Workstation.
SB.OS 0.9 Live bootable DVD for Systems Biology
LXtoo v1 Live Linux distribution for the bioinformatics community.
birgHPC 1.2.1 Bioinformatic Research Group High Performance Computing
ReportGenerator 1.3.3 Run Routine Statistical Analysis using R.
Bifido Punnett Square Calculator 4.0 final Genetic Calculator for Predicting the Offspring Results of Genetic Crosses.
ParaCountStudio 3.1.0 Count Cell Numbers within Image.
NOVA 0.5 Visualization and Analysis of Complexome Profiling data.
birgHPCC 1.0 Bioinformatic Research Group High Performance CUDA Computing
TPP 4.8.0 Collection of integrated tools for MS/MS Proteomics.
MISO 0.2.0 Managing Information for Sequencing Operations.


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