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Size: 674K
Language: English
Directory:Miscellaneous Software
Requirements: Windows/Linux/MacOsX
Date added: 2014-10-14
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GNLab (Gene Network virtual Laboratory) is a novel bioinformatics tool for the large-scale analysis of gene regulatory networks (GRNs). This C++ command-line tool supports the analysis of both the static structure and dynamic behaviour of a GRN. GNLab is developed to support the design and implementation of large-scale repeatable computational experimentations on GRNs.
GNLab: Computational Pipeline for Large-Scale Gene Network Analysis

GNLab (stand for Gene Network virtual Laboratory) implements a computational pipeline for large-scale analysis of gene networks. The pipeline allows iterative experiments
on GRNs to be designed and carried out in a simple and flexible manner. This framework consists of distinct functional components for network generation, simulation,
analysis, visualization, inference and comparison. By piping different components together in different ways, many types of systems biology analyses can be carried out effectively.
Although the development of such a computational pipeline was inspired to assess limitations of GRN inference methods, this pipeline is designed for the general analysis of GRN
structures and dynamics.



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