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Plasmid Map

NoeClone 3.0 Demo Virtual cloning laboratory.
pDRAW32 1.1.129 Scientific software for the molecular biologist
SimVector 4.60 Demo tool for drawing publication and vector catalog quality maps
ApE 2.0.49 A Plasmid Editor
BVTech Plasmid 5.1 Demo DNA plasmid drawing software
XPlasMap 0.99 a DNA mapping program for Mac OS
CGView 1.0 Circular Genome Viewer
PlasmaDNA 1.4.2 A free, cross-platform PLAsmid MAnipulation program
Plasmidomics 0.2 Plasmid Drawing Program.
SnapGene Viewer 3.1.2 Create, Browse, and Share richly Annotated DNA Sequence.
pLOT 1.0.10h Plasmid mapping program
Online Tools  
PlasMapper 2.0 automatically generates and annotates plasmid maps using only the plasmid DNA sequence as input.
NetPlasmid Online Plasmid map drawing
Savvy v0.1 Draw plasmid map tool.
EZ PLASMID MAP V1.9 Free online plasmid draw/plotter program.
WebDSV Free Online DNA Sequence Editor and Plasmid Drawing program.



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