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Geneious 8.0.3 genome & proteome research tools
MACAW 2.05 Multiple Alignment Construction & Analysis Workbench
Clustal W 2.1 multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins.
FASTA 36.3.6f Compares a protein sequence to another protein sequence or to a protein database, or a DNA sequence to another DNA sequence or a DNA library.

BLAST+ 2.2.28

The Basic Local Alignment Search Tool
SeqPup 0.9 a biological sequence editor and analysis program
K-Estimator 6.1v a program to estimate the number of synonymous (Ks) and nonsynonymous substitutions (Ka) per site and the confidence intervals by Monte Carlo simulations.
BioEdit 7.2.1 a biological sequence alignment editor written for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
DAMBE 5.3.48 Data Analysis and Molecular Biology and Evolution software
SeaView 4.4.2 a graphical multiple sequence alignment editor
Jalview 2.8 a multiple alignment editor written entirely in java
DNASIS Max trial 3.0 Bioinformatics software
Genamics Expression 1.1 a revolutionary new Windows application for DNA and protein sequence analysis.
Vector NTI Viewer 4.0.1 a freeware program, allows scientists to study and analyze biological molecules.
Jellyfish 3.3.1 an innovative software tool that provides helpful gene analysis capabilities in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.
ProSeq 3.5 program for sequence editing and population genetics (mol/evol) analysis.
SMS 2 The Sequence Manipulation Suite
Staden 2.0.0b9 A fully developed set of DNA sequence assembly (Gap4), editing and analysis tools
ISYS v1.35 a dynamic, flexible open source platform for the integration of bioinformatics software tools and databases.
PhyloGrapher2003.4.3 a program designed to visualize and study evolutionary relationships within families of homologous genes or proteins (elements)

Vector NTI Advance 11.5.2 Demo

Sequence analysis and data management software
SeWeR 3.0 an acronym, stands for SEquence analysis using WEb Resources.
WinBlast v.0.2.0 a Windows graphical front-end for NCBI BLAST.
SeqVISTA 1.81 A Graphical Tool for Sequence Feature Visualization and Comparison
GENOME EXPLORER 1.0b a Java front end to many useful bioinformatics tools
PowerBlast 1.2.0 Blast local tools
JAligner 1.0 local pairwise sequence alignment software
DNAMAN 8.0 Demo sequence analysis tools
CLC Sequence Viewer 7.5 bioinformatics analyses workbench.
MAFFT 7.205 a multiple sequence alignment program.
Exonerate 2.2 a multiple sequence alignment program.
Lalnview 3.0 graphical program for visualizing local alignments between two sequences
NeoBio 1.0 pre-alpha Bioinformatics Algorithms in Java
STRAP 20140609 Multiple Sequence Alignment Interactive Program
Mauve 2.3.1 Genome Alignment Software
Laj 070222 tool for viewing and manipulating the output from pairwise alignment programs
YASS v1.14 DNA local alignment tool
Utopia 1.4.5 Molecular Structure Viewer and Colour INteractive Editor for Multiple Alignments
MolQuest trial 2.4.5 Bioinformatics Toolbox for analysis of biomedical data
GENtle 1.9.4 a software for DNA and amino acid editing
Align-m v2.3 multiple alignment software
QAlign 2.60.80 Multiple alignment and editor software.
seqtools v. 8.4.071 tools for basic and advanced analyses of nucleotide and protein sequences.
CGViz 1.3.5 highly flexible framework for designing biomolecular viewers.
BioSeqAnalyzer 1.0 demo a bioinformatics software tool for analyzing DNA and protein sequences.
Topali 2.5 statistical and evolutionary analysis of multiple sequence alignments
IGV 2.3.40 A visualization tool to simultaneously integrate and analyze multiple types of genomic data.
EMBOSS 6.6.0 The European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite
Biskit 2.4.0 A Python platform for structural bioinformatics.
geWorkbench 2.5.1 genomics Workbench , a Java-based open-source platform for integrated genomics.
SnS-Align Structure and Sequence Alignment Software.
UGENE 1.15 Integrated Bioinformatics Tools.
CHROMA1.0 A tool for generating annotated multiple sequence alignments.
Recco 0.93 Recombination Analysis Using Cost Optimization.
Phred/Phrap/Consed 23.0 DNA Sequence Assembler & Finishing Tools.
Sequlator 2013 Free multiple sequence alignment editor.
ngKLAST 4.5 All-in-one KLAST and BLAST workstation
Chipster 3.6 Analysis software for high-throughput data



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