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Education the demonstration of Main Metabolic Pathways for PC
linpath Linear Pathway Simulator
Protein Purification 1.7.3 let them experiment with the simulation The Molecular Basis of Medicine
Photo Photosynthesis a tutorial program for photosynthesis
Virtlab 2.0 a self-training program based on PBL (Problem-Based- Learning Pathway) built to simulate a molecular biology laboratory.
GENUP 5.5 Computer aided learning for quantitative genetics.
hands on genetics computer programs for the teaching and learning of genetics.
ScienceMatrix Demo Cell Structure & Function education software.
Digital Frog 2.5a Digital Frog software
CTB 2.0 Cell Tissue Body explorer.
Molecular Genetics 3.1 Demo Education software for BIO
OnScreen DNA Painlessly teach anyone he must-know details of how DNA works in 3D.
GeneExplorer 2.1.0 An interactive simulation of gene expression
Protein Investigator 3.0.2 A software to interactively explore protein structure and function.
Aipotu 1.3.2 Software to simulates the genetics, biochemistry etc.
VGLII 3.2.1 The Virtual Genetics Lab .
Ileum 3.0 Simulation of experiments on the isolated Guinea-pig Ileum



3D Molecular Modeling
DNA Sequence Analysis
RNA Analysis
Protein Analysis
Biochemical Engineering
Sequence Format Conversion Utilities
Phylogenetic Analysis
Plasmid Map
Image Analysis
Sequence Alignment & Analysis
Chemical Drawing Tools
Intresting Stuff
Graphics & Animations
Bio Video
PPT & Classware
Bio Database
Online Tools











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