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SeqCorator 2.03 A powerful sketchpad to decorate your sequence.
vised11.exe Visual Sequence Editor
ForCon 1.0 tool for the conversion of nucleic acid and amino acid sequence alignments
GeneStudio Pro a modern suite of molecular biology applications for the Windows platform built on our sequence format conversion engine, SeqVerter
FASTA/BLAST SCAN 2.4 a program for processing nucleotide sequences alignment made with FASTA and BLAST alignment tools.
BioCocoa 2.2.2 code for handling and manipulating biological sequences.
Readseq 2.1.30 a conversion program for bioinformatics.
XML2PDB a command line program designed to extract the structure information (.pdb) from the xml structure files.
abi2xml 1.2 Utility to convert the binary file format from an ABI PRISM TM 377 DNA Sequencer to an xml file
ABI to FASTA converter 1.1.2 automatic ABI to FASTA Converter
GenBank to FASTA converter 08.11.12 a freeware that can convert GenBank (gb/gbk) file format to FASTA format.
Convertrix 1.0 A Batch DNA Sample Converter.
PGDSpider Data conversion tool for Population Genetic and Genomics Programs.



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