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geWorkbench 2.5.1


Size: 275,133K
Language: English
Directory:Sequence Analysis & Alignmen
Requirements: Java
Date added: 2014-12-09
Web Site: Home Page



geWorkbench (genomics Workbench) is a Java-based open-source platform for integrated genomics. Using a component architecture it allows individually developed plug-ins to be configured into complex bioinformatic applications. At present there are more than 70 available plug-ins supporting the visualization and analysis of gene expression and sequence data. Example use cases include:
loading data from local or remote data sources.
visualizing gene expression, molecular interaction networks, protein sequence and protein structure data in a variety of ways.
providing access to client- and server-side computational analysis tools such as t-test analysis, hierarchical clustering, self organizing maps, regulatory neworks reconstruction, BLAST searches, pattern/motif discovery, etc.
validating computational hypothesis through the integration of gene and pathway annotation information from curated sources as well as through Gene Ontology enrichment analysis.


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