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Align-m v2.3


Size: 344K
Language: English
Directory:Sequence Analysis & Alignmen
Requirements: Windows/Linux
Date added: 2011-11-01
Web Site: Home Page



Align-m is an accurate and highly versatile multiple alignment program. It consists of 3 modules, S2P, P2P and P2M (see figure, manual), which can be used separately or consecutively to accomplish several tasks:
- Multiple sequence alignment
- Include extra information to guide the sequence alignment
- Multiple structure alignment
- Homology modeling by (iteratively) combining sequence and structure alignment data
- 'Filtering' of Blast or other pairwise alignments
- Combining many alignments into 1 consensus
- Multiple genome alignment (can cope with rearrangements)

Download the windows x86 version. You may require the Borland cc3250.dll for this, to be placed somewhere in your path (e.g. c:\windows\system32).


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