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CTB 2.0


Size: 28683K
Language: English
Directory: Education
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2007-8-25
Web Site: Home Page



center for scientific visualization (CSV), Ljubljana produces scientific and educational software projects containing animations in virtual reality about the structure and function of the cell, tissue, human body and other topics from the field of biology or medicine. We develop products helping to learn about those topics in biology or medicine that are hard to be understood from the textbooks only. The software package “Cell-Tissue-Human Body” recognized the Ministry of Education of Slovenia as an official educational tool in slovene schools. Its english version can be seen also here. It has been selected for inclusion in the Awesome Library, a collection of the top 5% of sites in the field of K-12 education and nominated for the Stockholm challenge award.

We are intensively involved in establishing continuous contacts between educational systems in EU countries and Asia with the purpose of exchanging ideas and concepts and so finding common solutions to the upcoming problems which challenge the development in our economies, industry and environment. The focus can be set for example on the environmental hazards like global warming, in connection with the development of infrastructure and industry during the coming decades.


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