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Size: 390KB
Language: English
Directory: Protein Analysis
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2014-03-24
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We have developed a number of programs to aid in the Protein Sequence Analysis And Modelling (PSAAM). The package contains a main program (PSAAM), and several ancillary programs (INFORMAT, calculates mean sequence profiles and mutability moment (conservation moment) from aligned sequences; FINDSEQ, will find sequence strings (structural motifs, binding domains, etc.) in a sequence file, or a directory of sequence files; GENBANK, will extract sequence data from a file saved from Entrez).

The main PSAAM program includes many useful features for analysis of structural information from sequence data, cartoons for graphical representation of secondary structures, prediction programs, and prediction aids, a ribosome function for generation of coordinates sets in PDB format (including Header information) for viewing by molecular graphics packages (examples, see also PDVWIN), and a SeqPlot function for plotting secondary structural models (helical cylinders and wheels, coils, etc., with each residue indicated by a circle, color-coded (or coded by line thickness) according to the current physico-chemical index. This latter function can be used to make "helical cylinder models".


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