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PerlPrimer 1.1.21


Size: 3,347K
Language: English
Directory: PCR
Requirements: Windows/Linux/MacOsX
Date added: 2011-12-26
Web Site: Home Page



PerlPrimer is a free, open-source GUI application written in Perl that designs primers for standard PCR, bisulphite PCR, real-time PCR (QPCR) and sequencing. It aims to automate and simplify the process of primer design.

PerlPrimer's current features include the following:

* Calculation of possible primer-dimers
* Retrieval of genomic or cdna sequences from Ensembl (including both sequences automatically for QPCR)
* Ability to BLAST search primers using the NCBI server or a local server
* Results can be saved or optionally exported in a tab-delimited format that is compatible with most spreadsheet applications.
* ORF and CpG island detection algorithms
* Ability to add cloning sequences to primers, automatically adjusted to be in-frame
* QPCR primer design without manual intron-exon boundary entry


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