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iCE 3.5


Size: 727K
Language: English
Directory: DNA Sequence Analysis
Requirements: Java
Date added: 2013-01-14
Web Site: Home Page



The increased interest in fingerprint maps has spawned a need in the research community for intuitive computer tools that facilitate viewing of the maps and the underlying fingerprint data. For this purpose, we have a new Java-based application called iCE (Internet Contig Explorer) for viewing the fingerprint maps and associated data for all major operating systems. Users can search for and display individual clones, contigs, clone fingerprints, clone insert sizes and markers and can load into the software user-generated lists of clones and view their fingerprints. iCE provides access to at the mouse, rat, bovine, C. briggsae and several fungal genome BAC fingerprint maps we have generated in a user-friendly manner, without the need for the user to manage the entire map database.


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