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tools for microarray

Language: English
Directory:Microarray & Bio-Chip
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2007-3-21
Web Site: Home Page



All of these tools are written in perl. Many of the scripts have module dependencies, which are listed at the ends of the descriptions. They have all been tested under Win2K Pro running ActiveState Perl (build 631). I have also packaged the scripts into windows executables using perlapp of the Perl Developer's Kit 4.0. The executables already have the modules prepackaged, and thus work as standalone programs. Most of the scripts should run on any system which supports Perl and the required modules.

AACK : Add Annotation / CCACK : Constant Cutoff Analysis / FLICK : File Linker / FRICK : Filter/Retrieve IDs / GACK : Genomotyping Analysis / GODACK : Good Data / HIMACK : Histogram Maker / LACK : Lexical Analysis / ALACK: Automated LACK / NACK : Name Averaging / REDUCK : Remove Duplicates / Samster : SAM to Cluster


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