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Size: 175KB
Language: English
Directory:Microarray & Bio-Chip
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2015-09-08
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FreeView and FreeOView are programs for viewing and optimizing gene expression dendrograms written in Java programming language with Java SDK Standard Edition Version 1.3.

FreeView is a gene expression dendrogram viewer. It supports basic visualization of dendrograms, zooming, color and visualization schemes and image saving in JPG, BMP or PNG formats. FreeOView inherits all the functionality from FreeView, and additionally implements various dendrogram optimization procedures, including local and genetic algorithm-based optimization, and manual optimization with fitness indicator. Note that for n genes, dendrogram may be displayed in 2^(n-1) ways, so optimization attempts to find a dendrogram that would be optimal according to some global criteria. In its present version (1.0) FreeOView can optimize window-based variance or mutual information function.


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