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UC Berkeley MCB 140 General Genetics Coures audio

Size: 453M
Language: English
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2008-4-2
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MCB 140 - Fall 2007 - In-depth introduction to genetics, including mechanisms of inheritance; gene transmission and recombination; transposable DNA elements; gene structure, function, and regulation; and developmental genetics.

Mon 8/27 Genetics - Scope and Problems
Wed 8/29 Mendel I
Fri 8/31 Mendel II
Mon 9/3 Labor Day
Wed 9/5 Chromosomes and Heredity (podcast not available)
Fri 9/7 Mapping Genetic Distance
Mon 9/10 Yeast Chromosomes
Wed 9/12 Beadle and Tatum
Fri 9/14 Allele Interactions - Single Loci
Mon 9/17 Allele Interactions - Multiple Loci
Wed 9/19 Bacterial and Phage Genetics I
Fri 9/21 Bacterial and Phage Genetics II
Mon 9/24 The Recombinant DNA Debate
Wed 9/26 Cytogenetics of Crossing Over
Fri 9/28 Chromosomal Rearrangements
Mon 10/1 Plant Genetics and Epigenetics
Wed 10/3 Epigenetics
Fri 10/5 Dosage Compensation
Mon 10/8 Organelle Genetics
Wed 10/10 Evening Midterm - No Lecture
Fri 10/12 Transposable Elements as Tools in Genetic Analysis
Mon 10/15 Genetic Screens - Apoptosis in C Elegans
Wed 10/17 Genetic Analysis of Mutation Types
Fri 10/19 Enhancer Genetics
Mon 10/22 Mosaic Analysis
Wed 10/24 Mosaic Screens
Fri 10/26 Suppressor Genetics - Intragenic and Informational Suppressors
Mon 10/29 Supressor Genetics - Bypass and Epistatic Suppressors
Wed 10/31 Pathway Analysis
Fri 11/2 RNAi
Mon 11/5 RNAi Screens
Wed 11/7 Hartwell Cell Cycle - Cancer Overview
Fri 11/9 Cryptic Variation and Prions
Mon 11/12 Veterans Day
Wed 11/14 Midterm
Fri 11/16 Linkage Mapping to Anonymous Markers
Mon 11/19 Whole-genome Linkage Scans
Wed 11/21 When to Believe a P-value
Fri 11/23 Thanksgiving
Mon 11/26 Quantitative Traits
Wed 11/28 Multifactorial Traits
Fri 11/30 Natural Human Variation
Mon 12/3 Association Studies
Wed 12/5 Microarrays and Cancer
Fri 12/7 Natural Variation in Gene Expression
Mon 12/10 Population and Evolutionary Genetics


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