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UC Berkeley MCB 130 Cell Biology Spring 2007. Coures Video

Size: 3.3G
Language: English
Requirements: Windows
Date added: 2007-11-13
Web Site: Home Page



Membrane Structure - Lipids
Fri 1/19 Membrane Structure - Proteins
Mon 1/22 Membrane Dynamics
Wed 1/24 Membrane Transport - Permeases and Channels
Fri 1/26 Membrane Transport - Nucleocytoplasmic Exchange
Mon 1/29 Membrane Assembly - Signal Hypothesis
Wed 1/31 Membrane Assembly - Translocation Machinery
Fri 2/2 Membrane Vesicular Traffic
Mon 2/5 Membrane Traffic to the Lysosome
Wed 2/7 Membrane Traffic - Cholesterol Regulation
Fri 2/9 Membrane Transport - Action Potential
Mon 2/12 Membrane Transport - Synaptic Transmission I
Wed 2/14 Membrane Transport - Synaptic Transmission II
Fri 2/16 Membrane Fusion
Mon 2/19 MCB 130 - President's Day
Wed 2/21 Visualizing the Cytoskeleton
Fri 2/23 Actin Filament Structure and Dynamics
Mon 2/26 Actin Binding Proteins
Wed 2/28 Myosin and Muscle Contraction
Fri 3/2 Regulation of Actin Dynamics and Cell Movement
Mon 3/5 Intermediate Filaments (video clip not available)
Wed 3/7 QUIZ, Microtubule Structure and Dynamics
Fri 3/9 Microtubule Motors and Motility
Mon 3/12 Nucleus and Chromosome Structure I
Wed 3/14 Nucleus and Chromosome Structure II
Fri 3/16 Mitosis I
Mon 3/19 Mitosis II and Cytokinesis
Wed 3/21 Meiosis
Fri 3/23 No Webcast
Mon 3/26 MCB 130 - Spring Break
Wed 3/28 MCB 130 - Spring Break
Fri 3/30 MCB 130 - Spring Break
Mon 4/2 Catch Up and Review
Wed 4/4 Cell Communication
Fri 4/6 Receptors and Signaling
Mon 4/9 G Protein Coupled Receptors
Wed 4/11 GPCR Signaling and Second Messengers
Fri 4/13 Receptor Tyrosine Kinases
Mon 4/16 Ras-MAP Kinase Signaling
Wed 4/18 Regulation of Cell Growth
Fri 4/20 QUIZ, The Cell Cycle
Mon 4/23 The G1/S Transition
Wed 4/25 DNA Replication, G2 and Mitosis
Fri 4/27 Checkpoints
Mon 4/30 Apoptosis
Wed 5/2 Oncogenes and Cancer
Fri 5/4 Tumor Suppressors
Mon 5/7 Cancer


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