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Bio-Soft.Net>>>>Bio Video>>>>undergraduate virology course at Columbia University

undergraduate virology course at Columbia University

Size: 3.1G
Language: English
Requirements: WMV
Date added: 2013-07-03
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[1] What is a virus?
[2] The infectious cycle
[3] Genomes and genetics
[4] Structure of viruses
[5] Attachment & entry
[6] RNA-directed RNA synthesis
[7] Replication of DNA virus genomes
[8] Transcription and RNA processing
[9] Reverse transcription and integration
[10] Translation
[11] Assembly
[12] Infection basics
[13] Host defense
[14] Viral evasion strategies
[15] Virus-host interactions
[16] Persistent infections
[17] Acute infections
[18] HIV pathogenesis
[19] Transformation and oncogenesis
[20] Vaccines
[21] Antivirals
[22] Evolution
[23] Emerging viruses
[24] Unusual infectious agents
[25] XMRV
[26] H5N1


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