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PWT(PLATON for Windows Taskbar) 1.17


Size: 1,623K
Language: English
Directory: 3D Molecular Modeling
Requirements: Windows/Linux/
Date added: 2013-10-29
Web Site: Home Page



PLATON is written by Ton Spek, and is a versatile crystallographic tool implementing a large variety of standard geometrical calculations (i.e. bonds, angles, torsions, planes, rings, inter-molecular contacts (H-Bond analysis), Coordination etc), tests (i.e. for missing symmetry, voids in the lattice etc.), utilities (cell transformation, SHELXL input etc.), graphics (e.g automatic labelled 'ORTEP-lookalike plots and the molecular graphics program PLUTON) and several filters (e.g. the DIFABS technique for empirical absorption correction (Walker & Stuart), and the SQUEEZE option for handling disordered solvents, described by Sluis & Spek, Acta Cryst. 1990,A46, 194). This latter option places great demands on the available memory.


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