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JMVS 4 041122


Size: 438K
Language: English
Directory: 3D Molecular Modeling
Requirements: Java
Date added: 2015-01-13
Web Site: Home Page



Java3D Molecular Visualisation System (JMVS) is an open-source freeware molecular visualisation tool developed in Java using a combination of Java 2, Java SWING and the Java3D API.

Java3D Molecular Visualisation System loads Protein Data Bank (PDB) files and converts the data into a 3D representation of the molecule allowing the user to view the molecule in a variety of display modes such as Balls, Sticks and Ribbons and colour schemes such as CPK Amino, Group and Structure. The user can also interact with the model by rotating, scaling and translating the molecule as well as picking atoms or bonds to view data.



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